Hello readers! I am Allyson, it's great to meet you! Thank you for stopping by and checking out what I have been up to, whether it's working on a new home or garden project, cooking something delicious, shopping for fabulous vintage finds, indulging in luxury goods, or gushing about my latest trip. I created this blog to discuss my favorite topics with all of you. Allyson Road is a lifestyle blog focused on providing inspiring tips, useful information, realistic examples, and entertaining anecdotes on the subjects of home, garden, food, vintage, luxury, and travel. Allyson Road, "the Road," will offer home and garden ideas and tips. It will provide recipes and cooking hacks. The Road will also discuss how to buy vintage items and collectables, and ways to incorporate them into home decor. It will talk about new luxury items on the market and my thoughts on them. Last, but not least, the Road will discuss travel destinations, recommendations, and my travel experiences. I hope you enjoy reading Allyson Road as much as I enjoy writing it for you! The Road is meant to provide you with both a resource and a realistic take on the subjects it covers. It is also meant to be an escape as I hope that reading my blog inspires you to find joy in life's small pleasures such as the decor in your home, the flowers in your garden, a good meal, a nostalgic vintage item, a little luxury like a new piece of jewelry, or taking a trip to someplace new. 

About Allyson  

I am an attorney turned blogger who is a proud double Illini. I live with my husband and two persian cats in St. Louis where I enjoy working in my garden, cooking, playing tennis, attending rock concerts, planning my next trip, and, of course, blogging.