Jet Set Candy Review

Beautiful and sentimental jewelry that evokes the excitement of traveling to your favorite destinations.

I like to write reviews on jewelry sold online because I myself like to look at reviews before purchasing from a company I have never bought from before. When I can read reviews from independent sources, not just reviews on a company's website designed to sell you, it gives me some piece of mind. So, I will be reviewing luxury products and my experiences with the companies that sell them, so that you too can purchase with confidence.

I had my eye on a bunch of pieces at Jet Set Candy for a long time, but I only recently got around to ordering some of them. I could not find any independent reviews on Jet Set Candy prior to purchasing, but Forbes had said some nice things about them, so I was hopeful that they would have quality products. But since I was not sure what to expect, I waited until Jet Set Candy had a really good sale to order. I ordered some pieces in the beginning of the Covid-19 quarantine, in April, as Jet Set Candy had a big 50% off sale and I figured there was no better time to give this company a try.

What I love most about Jet Set Candy

What I love most about Jet Set Candy is their concept, which is travel souvenirs. Jet Set Candy's luggage tags and passport stamps are evocative of the excitement you feel when you go to the airport and tie a luggage tag onto your suitcase or when your passport is stamped, knowing that it means you are soon to arrive in one of your favorite places. Whether it is your hometown or a far off destination, that stamp or tag is a symbol of the experiences you are about to enjoy. Once the trip is over, the stamps and tags are reminders of the memories made in those destinations. Travel is what memories are made of; it is what we look forward to, take photos of, and reminisce about, making these wearable travel souvenirs all the more special.

What I ordered

Everything I ordered was solid 14K gold, but Jet Set Candy also has more affordable pieces in silver and gold vermeil. I ordered the Mini Solid Gold 4 Leaf Clover Charm and the 16"–18" Adjustable Solid Gold Chain. The Mini Solid Gold 4 Leaf Clover was a pre-order. Normally, orders are supposed to ship in 5–8 business days, but the pandemic delayed the manufacture of pre-ordered products and shipments.

A few months later, in June, there was another sale, this time 40% off, and I ordered the Tiny Solid Gold Airplane Charm and the Solid Gold London Mini Charm, LHR Luggage Tag.

Customer Service Experience

As I mentioned earlier, my first order was in April and by the time I ordered more charms in June I still had not received my earlier order because it was a pre-order and factories were closed, so production was delayed. This was not ideal, but understandable. To their credit, Jet Set Candy provided very good customer service. They have someone answering calls during normal business hours. Someone almost always answers the Customer Care Line, and the girls who answer are pleasant and helpful. When I called to inquire about the status of my order, the Jet Set Candy girls were quick to offer a refund if I wanted one, no questions asked. I decided not to get a refund and to wait for my order. I got a great deal on the products I ordered, and I really wanted the chain and charm. I called several more times throughout the time between my initial order and receiving my orders, and each time the girls at Jet Set Candy were great to work with. They were always happy to look into the status of the products I ordered and give me an idea of when they, and then I might receive them. They seemed very honest and genuine. They gave me a 15% off code that can be used at any time to make up for the almost four month wait. Also, I gave them a call when I ordered for the second time and found out that some of the products from my initial order were now in stock, so they sent those products with my most recent order right away. I had them within a week, which was great! Based on customer service alone, I would most certainly buy from Jet Set Candy again. Jet Set Candy, like many businesses, was clearly affected by the pandemic, but they are handling things very well.


Jet Set Candy ships packages via USPS. Once your order is shipped, you get a tracking number from Jet Set Candy, and orders usually come in a few days.


Jet Set Candy has pretty packaging. It is very thoughtful and unique, with a world map printed in bright green on their tissue paper, classic navy blue bags with ribbons and tags, boxes in an array of colors with travel themed quotes inside, and soft navy blue jewelry pouches with magnetic closures. You can also request a postcard of which there are several different designs to choose from. Note that you have to request gift packaging to get the full packaging. If you do not request gift packaging, they will send your order without the gift bag, post card, and tags. Jet Set Candy is also including stickers with some orders, my London charm came with a cute London sticker. I tried to request a particular box color (hot pink or mint), but did not have much success with that. I am guessing that this had something to do with communication between the employees at Jet Set Candy not being as good as it usually is due to everyone working from home during the pandemic. I guess I will just have to try again to request a particular box color with my next order.


Now for the most important part, the products!! I absolutely love my Jet Set Candy jewelry. Jet Set Candy charms are so cute! The charms are unique, simple, and pretty. They have a very sentimental quality, and you can make them even more so by engraving the back of luggage tag charms once you get them. I read about a groom who made a Jet Set Candy bracelet for his bride and engraved the backs of all of the charms on the bracelet for her with the significance of those locations to them. How sweet!

I bought my LHR Luggage Tag Charm because LHR is the airport that my husband and I flew into to go to Glasgow, Scotland where we eloped and then London where we had our honeymoon. I bought the Tiny Plane Charm to go with my London charm. I also bought the Clover charm as a good luck charm and because my husband is Irish.

My London charm is really cute and has amazing detail for its small size. It's about 3 centimeters long. It is shiny and beautiful. The tiny plane charm is also very cute. It does have a tiny rough spot on the back where it looks like it was taken from a mold, but other than that, it is perfect! It really is tiny, so bear that in mind if you want to order it. It really is more of an accent charm. If you want a plane charm that is a centerpiece for a necklace, then this is not the charm for you. I intended my plane charm to be an accent, so it was the perfect size for my necklace. Jet Set Candy has a variety of different sized airplane charms, so you can choose one that gives you the look you want. The clover charm that I ordered is so pretty! It exceeded my expectations. The saying on the back, "May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light; may good luck pursue you each morning and night," gives the charm a special quality, and the clover on the front has a pretty sparkly surface inside. It is just the right size and has become one of my favorite pieces.

The solid gold chain that I ordered is very high quality. I am impressed with it. They call it extra-fine online, and I was initially worried that it might be too fine, but when it came, it was the perfect thickness and I am very happy with it.

Jet Set Candy products are pretty and nicely made, and I won't lie that I already have my eye on the Mini Solid Gold Celtic Knot Charm to go with my clover charm and the solid gold Chicago luggage tag to represent my hometown. Jet Set Candy has a solid gold Infinity Link Charm Bracelet that allows you to open the links and move charms around, and it is definitely on my wish list. They make the Infinity Link Charm Bracelet in silver and gold vermeil also. After that, I am crossing my fingers that Jet Set Candy starts making a solid gold Edinburgh, Scotland charm, Glasgow Scotland charm, St. Louis charm (my new hometown), and 30A or Seaside, Florida charm because those are some of my favorite destinations that I am sure are shared by many other people as well.