Not Your Grandma's Iced Tea

A refreshing summer drink! An iced tea cocktail that's as easy as 1. ice, 2. flavored vodka, 3. iced tea!

This recipe for spiked ice tea will provide much needed relief from the summer heat. This is a simple and refreshing drink to enjoy on your front porch or patio. All you need is ice, flavored vodka, and some iced tea.

I like to make this recipe using sun tea. I have always enjoyed making sun tea in the summer and sipping it on the front porch or the patio. Sun tea is very nostalgic for me; it conjures memories of seemingly endless hot, humid summers and of my grandma making sun tea on the deck. For me, drinking sun tea is synonymous with long, hot summer days and relaxed summer evenings spent on the patio sipping tea and enjoying the garden's blooming flowers. Inspired by this nostalgia, I have made an alcoholic version of my favorite summer drink to take the experience to another level.

Not Your Grandma's Iced Tea Recipe



Iced tea or sun tea

Deep Eddy lemon or peach vodka


Add 1 or 2 shots of vodka (go ahead and make it a double if it's been a long day) to a glass with ice, then add enough tea to reach the brim of the glass. That's it! Now go sit on your patio and enjoy! Quick, easy, and refreshing!

Note on Flavored Vodkas

I highly recommend using Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka as it goes exceptionally well with tea, but I have also made this drink with Deep Eddy Peach Vodka and that is good as well. You can also use Western Son Vodka. Both brands produce deeply flavored vodkas that make it simple to add flavor to drinks. You can try flavored vodkas from other brands, but I have found that many brands' flavored vodkas do not have very strong flavors and as a result do not produce the same effect. One way to discern whether a flavored vodka will be strongly flavored is to look at whether it is deeply colored. You will notice that Western Son and Deep Eddy both are deeply colored whereas many other flavored vodkas are clear and often do not taste strongly of the flavors they claim to be.

These flavored vodkas are also great in Moscow Mules! They are a good investment as they can be used to add flavor to a variety of simple and easy drinks.

Iced Tea Cocktails for Entertaining

This iced tea cocktail recipe is also a great drink for summer parties or gatherings. It is easy, only requiring a few ingredients, and can be made to each guest's tastes. You can set up an iced tea cocktail bar for your guests with a big pitcher or drink dispenser of iced tea, a variety of flavored vodkas, and garnishes like lemon wedges and peach slices. Your guests will have fun concocting novel spiked tea creations and partying in the summer sun. Cheers!